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il mio autunno in immagini

1-20151922  water impressions

1-DSC_0383-001 drowned into color at the greenhouse , Japanese maples wood

1-DSC_0208-001 Adda river, Garlate

1-DSC_8673 and it's November in two days !

1-DSC_7709 red in the wind

unusual plant with pink leaves

1-DSC_2115 purple joy

1-DSC_7606  cool  leaves

1-DSC_6163 caged

DSC_1475 marvellous greenhouse Japanese maples

DSC_2312 afternoon light on my new giant asters

my Xmas postcard western style, even with blue eyed Santa !
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Impressioni d’autunno, le mie foto

DSCN1624 rainy October day , autumn feelings , neutral light from above

articolo aperto, aggiungerò le foto un po’ per volta

DSCN1637 autumn impressions on a rainy day, the meditative side of life

DSCN1556 on a rainy autumn day, supermarket parking

DSCN1644 on a rainy day  , impressions of autumn

DSCN1591 autumn impressions

DSCN1641 autumn impressions on a rainy day

DSCN1589 supermarket parking

DSC_6399 the coming Autumn

DSC_9276 Autumn's coming on the road to Prato Valentino, Valtellina

DSC_6516 Autumn is coming

DSC_6755 kaki  in the evening light in Valtellina