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le mie + recenti fantasie a colori vivaci – Flickr

1-2016091-001 under a blue summer sky , have a nice Sunday

2016 picasa 1 massification project , resist !

1-DSC_6640 but be elastic !!!!

1-Collage15-002 iced soul , collage

DSC_0034 tangles , that's all

1-2016-11-008 unforgettable blue November sky

dry weeds near water on a cold sunny January day


DSC_4180 finding beauty even in a parking ground , road abstract

1-2016-10-325 marilena's winter graffiti, collage

1-20161242 reflection cocktail abstract

Collage8 remembering summer

1-DSC_1630 disordered flight into color on a gloomy winter day


2016-08-025  behind the veil, reality

1-Collage88 hearts bouquets , intense color therapy