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le mie fantasie creative

1-Collage99     new language, reposted

1-2016091-001 under a blue summer sky , have a nice Sunday
1-Collage85  à la recherche du temps perdu
Collage145-001 UK elections, May turned into November !!!!
2015140    old canvas , or , life experiences
1-20160084-003 surreal night landscape , soul graffiti
1-20152063-002  the pond , reflecting on life
1-20160202 flying energy
1-Collage76 once upon a time
1-2016090 soul poetry, the bliss of solitude
1-20160932 psychedelic
1-Collage8-003  black holes 2- it all started with Leerdammer holes
2016-10-27 at the pond, natural decay
1-Collage4 - the tree of life, abstract
Collage137-001 blue-eyed grass fantasy , collage , graphic effect