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fiori , primavera 2019 , profmarilena Flickr

2019-03-077 pink hellebore , artwork
2019-03-098 welcome spring , first impressions
DSC_3252 a hungry wasp
DSC_0282 early spring blooming
1-2019-04-262 surviving the weather , still life, artwork
1-DSC_1113  borage
2019-04-245 my red tulips after rainy days , artwork
1-DSC_9396-001  flooded with light
1-2019-04-285 borage, borragine

2019-04-284  just like a fire , artwork

1-DSC_0841  a very wet rose in the April rain
2019-04-206 unusual  red tulips, artwork

DSC_8902  my pink tulips

1-DSC_2327 poppy in the wind
DSC_5896 red poppies in my garden
1-2019-05-062 pink flowers at the pond, parco Increa
1-2019-05-0211  my purple aquilegia , artwork
1-DSC_4703-001  wild poppy in my garden
1-2019-05-021  landing maneuver , collage

rosso marilena, le mie foto macro

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DSC_1987 red passion
1-DSC_1612 marilena's red gerbera
DSC_9830-002 variations in red, still life , summer 16
1-DSC_5397 marilena's red, backlight in my garden
1-DSC_1156  fruit in water
DSC_3199 glowing red jellies
1-DSC_5671 red close up
1-DSC_5223-001 red emotion
DSC_7809 my wet poppies in the wind

1-2018-08-23 small tomatoes still life , artwork
2018-04-131  three red tulips in my garden, manipulated image
2018-04-081  deep red joy in my garden, manipulated image
DSC_9970 red, graffiti detail